Orb Colors




Why do orbs come in so many different colors?  And what do the colors mean?  I am not convinced that anyone knows the definitive answer to this questions but I will tell you what I have learned, and been told, about the different colors.   Orb colors run the full spectrum from white to pink to blue to green to purple to red to gold.   Sometimes the orbs want to be identified by their color: ie a pale yellow orb is my father and a bright green orb is my son.   But they can also change their colors and appearance it seems at will when they want me to see their face.

I believe that as souls progress on the other side they take on different colors.   The colors can represent many things but I have learned this:   Blue can mean a Guide or Teacher; Pink can mean the orb is sending us love; Green can show that this soul or entity is a healer; Purple can represent a very advanced soul.

When I capture an orb that is pure white and has a brilliance coming from within, then I know I am looking at a being from the Angelic realm. There is probably so much more to the colors that will be explained to us as we continue working with this wonderful phenomenon.