Types Of Orbs

Like flowers, orbs come in a variety of colors and styles.   Over the past several years and after taking thousands of photos I have watched the orbs present themselves in several different ways. The first style that started to appear were orbs that contained a concentric circle pattern.   These come in all colors of the rainbow, sizes and even the patterns differ slightly from orb to orb, like snowflakes each one is unique.   These orbs can appear alone or with a group, as if they are having a party.

Later, another style of orb emerged – a beautiful, multi- faceted and multicolored orb.   These orbs I dubbed the Crown Jewel Orbs’ because just like jewels, they are precious as their appearance is very rare.   When these larger and brighter orbs do appear, they are usually alone, as if they need all of the light around them to make their presence known.

There is a similar style of orb to the Crown Jewels that I call Angelic Orbs’.   These orbs can also look multifaceted, but they appear in a brilliant and luminescent white.   The light these orbs emit look heavenly to me, as if they come straight from the Angelic realms!

Another unique and rare style of orb are the ones I call Planet Orbs’ as they remind me of the planet Jupiter, with its dark spot and many moons.   These orbs are marked with a very unusual and distinct pattern, and they usually contain one to three smaller orbs inside, usually blue.   These appear mostly as a white or cream color, but on very rare occasions they can show up as blue or purple.

Etheric’ or Spot Light’ are another style of orb that make their presence known.   These are orbs that you can easily see right through, like a beautiful but sheer veil.   They look very soft and very delicate.   I call the Spot Lights’ because they have a way of illuminating anything that is directly behind them.

These Faerie Dust Orbs’ are some of my favorite style of orbs.   They seem playful, and when they appear they literally cover the photo with their tiny, bright light.   However, in the very next photo they are gone.   Just like Faeries – when you think you see them, and blink to take a double take, they’re gone!

The most amazing style of orb to me are the ones that appear with faces,   sometimes so clear they can look like photographs or a sketch.   These orbs are usually close to their loved one, as if to let them know they are right there, right next to them and still a part of their lives, albeit in another form.   I have seen mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, Spirit Guides, and even pets can appear in orbs. I am always, and will ever be, in awe of this phenomenon.