Encircled by the

A Deeper Journey
into the Light
with Orbs

About The Book

In her first book, Entering the Light Fantastic —Discovering Life After Life Through Orbs, Nancy J. Myers shared the extraordinary story of how losing her only son just a month before his 28th birthday transformed her life in the most unexpected ways.

Driven by her grief to search for answers to the unanswerable, Nancy was stunned when three mediums told her that while Robbie may have passed over, his relationship and communication with his mother would continue.   Robbie and Nancy had work to do together—their mission: to provide evidence that life continues even after the body dies.

Guided by Robbie and the orbs, Nancy embarked on a personal spiritual journey that brought to light her own psychic gifts and abilities and set her on a path to becoming a sought-after professional Orb Medium.  Over the past ten years, she has captured thousands of orbs in photographs taken in various locations including sacred sites around the world, at demonstrations and even in people’s homes.

In Encircled by the Light, Nancy recounts her latest adventures and spiritual discoveries.  From her unexpected and often highly synchronous psychic experiences in Egypt, France, Bosnia, Scotland, and Malta to her exciting discoveries about the magic that exists in the seen and unseen worlds around us, she awakens us to the knowledge that we are all enchanted on some level and reminds us that Magic has always been there, and we all have the power to tap into it.

This book takes the reader into the deeper meanings, possibilities, purpose and phenomena of the world and light of orbs. You will learn, and in some cases relearn, about places and beings you might have thought existed only in fairytales and fantasy or your imagination.  But each of the stories in this book are backed up by over 140 remarkable color photographs.