A major tenet of spirituality is the belief that we are all connected – what I do to you I do to myself also. This connection is not just human to human, but to everything on Earth, and even reaches past the confines of our planet into the cosmos.  Walking a spiritual path includes a lot of reading and studying, and I have learned a little about what is called the Universal Consciousness.   You see, it appears the universe is one big ocean of energy, and we are all a part of that ocean, so it makes sense that when something happens in one part causing a disturbance, the ripples it sends out can be felt in all parts of the ocean to some degree.

Did you ever wonder how the moon could affect the tides?  Or why our dreams seem so crazy and vivid right before a full moon?  Or how other planets influence our personalities depending on which astrological sign we were born under? I sure did, and would often ask myself, How can Mars have any influence over me?  That planet is nearly 34 million miles away!  Here on Earth, there is a term called “The Butterfly Effect,” which describes how one small event, such as the flap of a butterfly’s wings, can build and result in a significant change across the globe perhaps in the form of a hurricane.  Now, imagine that effect spreading over the cosmos, and how powerful one small change in another part of the universe could be by the time it reaches our planet.  This is an oversimplification of how the cosmos can affect us but, to my surprise, even the orbs have begun to acknowledge these astrological events. 

In Entering the Light Fantastic, I discuss how orbs use colors, size, and even the location in a photograph to convey a message, and now they are employing timing.   They time their appearance to things like anniversary dates as mentioned above, or as I recently discovered, astrological events. Not only that, but the orbs also started using images other than loved ones or famous people.  They began to use images of animals that were not someone’s beloved pet but those of Spirit Animals. A Spirit Animal or Power Animal is believed to be a spirit that helps guide and protect a person, a lineage, a nation, or even our entire planet. It is said that these animals come in to and out of our lives, depending upon our circumstances, to help us navigate through life.

On December 1, 2017, I captured a rare red orb showing the remarkably clear face of a raccoon. A raccoon!  For the record, I have never had a pet raccoon or any connection to this animal. Okay, I thought, this is going to take a little research. Here is what I discovered: We were approaching a Full Moon on December 3rd known as the Cold Moon.  Not only a Full Moon but it was a Super Moon to boot, a powerful time, astrologically speaking. According to some astrologists: “This full moon is all about illuminating the truth, especially when it comes to how you communicate your true motives and intentions. If you or someone you know has been holding back the truth or doing things for the wrong reasons, this Full Moon may force things to rise up to the surface.” 

The raccoon, as a spiritual totem animal, can represent the many masks people wear, and he teaches us how to look behind the mask and reveal the truth or the true person. This message coincided with a lot of what was happening in the news at that time, and the raccoon was reminding us that all the turmoil we are experiencing is necessary to enable the truth to be unmasked. Wow!  This was a brand-new kind of communication through orbs, a communication coming straight from the cosmos.

Another example occurred in the early hours of Friday, July 13, 2018.  On that night, there was a partial solar eclipse, which was only visible from a small area of Australia.  According to some astrologists, this event was ushering in a time of transformation by bringing up negative aspects we had refused to deal with in the past to turn them into positive lessons and experiences within each individual and as a collective.  It was going to be a time that would be a little unpredictable, uncomfortable, and challenging to process, but it was a necessary process. 

That night, a brand new and very beautiful type of orb appeared in my photograph, inside of which was a tiger!   This was the first time I had seen a tiger inside an orb, so I had to find out why he had appeared. My research revealed that the tiger can symbolize our primal instincts and unpredictability, and the tiger encourages us to trust our instincts. It also acknowledges our need for spontaneity with upcoming life matters by trusting our intuition and acting fast when needed.  Even the tiger’s stripes can represent the struggle between light and dark.  Spirit, through the orb, was communicating to us that it is aware of our troubled times and was sending the spirit of the tiger to assist us in staying focused, staying positive, and staying strong. 

One important reason the orbs are now showing up is to assure us that there is life after life. But they also provide an opportunity for our loved ones to demonstrate that they can still be a part of our lives on some level if they so choose, even after they’ve crossed. A beautiful thing about this is that in some instances this new relationship is much better than when they were alive! This next story is one such case. Earlier, you learned of my hippie youth, and my free spirit attitude which helped to mold me into the person I am today. But that way of life also had me at odds with my father for a good portion of my adult life, and our relationship suffered. Are you able to believe me if I tell you that I am now closer to my father after his passing than ever before?  It’s true! 

My father has come through in many of my mediumship readings to apologize for his stubbornness, and we now have a whole new understanding of each other.  I have been told that my dad just loves to hang out around me and observe my life and spiritual work.  How do I know this to be true?  Because if he is not leaving me coins in weird places to let me know he is around, he is showing up in orbs. Sometimes my father appears as a younger version of himself, or he may appear looking like the age at the time of his passing. He may even show up with one of my dogs that have crossed to let me know he is taking care of them.  Below is one of the clearer versions of him in his later years.

While finishing up this chapter, I was reminded about all the times I have captured faces but never once had my son appeared in an orb.  He would show up for me, but only using color to announce his presence.  Teal is Robbie’s signature orb color, but when he wants to say, “I love you mom” there will be a perfectly placed pink orb on or near me in photographs.  Several times, through a medium, I would ask Robbie why he wouldn’t show himself to me, and each time the medium would tell me something like: “He says you are not ready to see him.  It would be too emotional for you.”  Robbie, come on!  I’m not emotional. I would say with tears in my eyes.  Oh.  I guess I am still too emotional.  Okay, I know you will appear when I can handle it. 

Well … guess what?  He showed up!  Robbie just appeared in an orb close to his dad.  Not only that but to make sure I recognized him, Robbie chose to appear looking just as he had in the last photograph ever taken of him.

I believe that he was acknowledging my emotional healing and our work together with this book. 

Seeing a departed loved one in an orb, which means they are reaching out from another dimension to let us know they still exist, in my opinion, is a miracle.  People say things to me like: “Oh, I wish my mom could have seen my new baby.” Or, “I wish my husband could have seen his daughter graduate.” And I want you to know that they do see all these things and more, even the little things in our lives like tattoos!  It is never too late to mend a relationship, just look at my dad and me! Our loved ones are right here, right next to us, listening to our prayers and our conversations when we talk to them.

It is not only time for us to “rise and shine;” it is also time for the orbs to do the same. Their light is becoming stronger and stronger as they masterfully guide us to a new understanding and acceptance of what is possible in their “happily ever after” world. Spirit has tried the gentle approach of kissing us on the forehead to awaken us. Now, through the orbs, they are yelling in the frantic you’re-going-to-be-late voice, “WAKE UP!”