False Orbs

Naysayers of the Orb experience will tell you that they can create orbs, and indeed they can.  When photographing and hoping for orbs there are a few things to be mindful of so you don’t capture what I call false orbs.

First, to assure authentic orbs, do not take photos during conditions like mist, rain, snow, wind or dusty conditions.  The photos taken in these types of conditions will produce images of seemingly thousands of orbs in picture after picture.  Below are some examples of photos taken in these types of conditions.

Second, when doing orb photography never shoot directly into any light source such as a lamp, moonlight, sunlight or even mirrors.  These types of conditions will produce lens flare.  In fact, camera phones can produce a bluish orb-like image that many people mistake for orbs.  Again, you will find an example of this type of false orb below.

Thirdly, make sure that the lens is clean. If you think you see have captured an orb take another picture in the exact same way right away.  If the orb appears in the exact same spot in the next picture thEn the image is not Spirit-directed, it is caused by technology and circumstance.

If you have a question about your photo I would be happy to offer my opinion.  You can send it to me through the Contact Form.

This photo was taken at night, outside in a very dusty area. There seems to be 1,000’s of orbs but it is only the result of all the dust in the atmosphere.   Notice also the lack of color or any of the familiar designs on the inside.

This photo was taken on a foggy night.  There appears to be thousands of orbs but it is only the moisture in the air.  Notice how there isn’t any color or patterns.

This is a great example of a sunspot, not an orb. This pictures was taken with my phone directly into the sun.  Although dramatic and beautiful, the pink spot is not an orb.

This photo was taken with a cell phone camera into the sun and has produced the very common blue spot although the spot can come in other colors.  Remember to take more than one photo if you think it is an orb.  If the image shows up in picture after picture in the exact same spot it is not an orb but caused by the lighting and camera.