Can Anyone Photograph Orbs?


Absolutely!   You do not need to possess any special spiritual gifts to start photographing orbs.   What you do need is to believe that they will be there when you graciously invite them to appear in your photo.   Always have the intention to do this work for the highest good of all.   When you do get an orb, it is important to be grateful.   I believe it takes some effort on their part to appear, and after all, it could be a loved one popping in to say “hello.”  Saying “thank you” out loud or to yourself lets them know you appreciate seeing them.

Many times after I have taken orb photos of someone who had never seen or captured orbs before, the orbs will suddenly start appearing in their own photos.   Its not just because they have been with me.   I believe it is because they have been opened up to the possibility of orbs after our sessions together.   But you don’t need me to capture orbs, you just need a little faith.





The camera I use is just a simple Nikon digital camera, but I always leave the flash on, even in daylight.   It is not because the orbs reflect the flash, it is more like they fluoresce (use the energy of the flash) to appear.   I have had people ask me if I use an ‘Orb Camera’.   Well, I have to chuckle a little because I don’t believe there is such a thing!

I have found that most of the cameras on cell phones don’t seem to work as well as digital cameras.   You can capture orbs with phone cameras, it just seems to be a rarer event.   Also, very expensive cameras that have special filters seem to block out the orbs’ ability to appear – not always, but capturing orbs on these types of cameras seems to be a little more difficult.

Because I take pictures almost everyday, a digital camera is much easier to manage.   I download the pictures onto my computer where I can examine them more closely.   When the memory card is full, about 1000 pictures, I replace the card.   The full memory cards are then put in storage in case I need to retrieve an original photo.   If I were to use my phone I am sure I would fill it up to fast!

Below are a few photos taken by my husband who is now a pretty good orb photographer in his own right!