nancy_headshot_250pxI created The Orb Connection in 2012 after I was told that the orbs that had been appearing in my photographs since 2010 were meant to be shared to help those in grief.    

My son, Robbie, crossed over to the other side two days before his 28th birthday on January 19, 2010.   Shortly after I started to notice orbs appearing in my photos.    

Since I have always believed in life after life and that it is possible to receive signs and messages from our loved ones in spirit, six months after my son’s crossing I booked a reading with renowned medium, Hollister Rand, for my husband and me.   She told us that our son was standing between us with orbs and light all around him and that this will be important, and don’t be surprised if I start getting orbs in my photos!   Boy, she wasn’t kidding!

The orbs started out slowly, a few at a time at first, and faint, but I continued to take pictures every day and soon they intensified in size, color, and appearance.   After a while, I realized I could talk to them and they would respond by appearing in certain spots in the photos.   After thousands of photographs, I started noticing faces in the orbs and when I described the faces I saw to the sitters they would often confirm that it was indeed their loved one that they had asked to be next to them.   Sometimes, I am also imprinted with a message from the orbs for the sitter.
Since starting my spiritual path to honor my son’s request of me, I have taken many mediumship workshops, started Yoga, practice Transcendental Meditation, became a Reiki Master and a Certified Angel Card Reader.   I now consider myself to be an Orb Medium. However, I am aware that this ability doesn’t come from me but through me and it is my intent to do this for the greater good.

I was inspired to create this website to offer photographic evidence that we continue even after our bodies have died and that our loved ones can still be a part of our lives.

We dedicate this site to help heal the hearts of those who have lost loved ones.   We offer our services to demonstrate that indeed Spirit is all around us!

The VirtualLight Broadcast March 2016

  • Many people think that orbs are physical entities, others think that they are spirit entities, and still others think that they are merely artifacts associated with light scattering from airborne particulates.

    I have an extensive background in both traditional science and psychoenergetic science and had a decade long dance in the 1970’s with anomalous photographic phenomena (Kirlian

    photography and Stanislav O’Jack), so perhaps it is reasonable that I throw my hat into the ring on this one and add my perspective to the unfolding adventure.

    After carefully reading the material provided by Miceal Ledwith, DD, LL.D and Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D., I am most impressed. After reflecting for some months on the data and my own psychoenergetic science modeling of nature, I have concluded that the appearance of orbs in and around planet Earth at this time is not accidental. My intuitive view is that it is a part of heightening of awareness brought about partially by the increase in energies directed toward this planet by mostly benign life-forms existing in both traditional and untraditional (unseen) dimensions. My working hypothesis is that the orb phenomenon should be looked at as a positive experience for humanity, as just the first of a variety of communication manifestations to appear in the unfolding adventure of our future.
    —Materials physicist, Professor William Tiller, featured physicist in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” reproduced with Dr. Tiller’s permission from his foreword to the book “The Orb Project.” (