Orbs With Faces

A beautiful development with my orb photography has been the appearance of faces inside the orbs.  Sometimes, the faces are unfamiliar to me as spirit can be opportunistic.  But other times I recognize the face as a friend or relative of mine.  Even my pets have made appearances.  These orbs too, have evolved over time and what was once only visible to me intuitively can now be seen by everyone.  The faces are so clear sometimes that they look like they have been sketched with a pencil.  There have also been several times when celebrities or well known personalities appear for me. 

Below are some examples alongside an actual photograph of the person to help you “see.”  

Double-clicking on any of the images below will open up a lightbox that will enable you to see larger versions of all the photographs. 

faces-dad - 1
Here is an orb with an image of my father.