Orbs At Special Events 

A primary reason for creating this website is to reassure those grieving the loss of a loved one that our loved ones never really leave us. They are with us always, enjoying both the little events and the big milestones in our lives—they are simply doing it in a different form.


I have attended three weddings of some of my son’s dear friends, including that of his former girlfriend. As you can see by the pictures below, Spirit is very much a part of the celebration.  An important point to note here is that the orbs could appear anywhere in photos, but they are always exactly where they will make the most impact.


I have had many group readings with very reputable mediums and many times I hear them say that “the Spirit who is coming through wants to thank you for a beautiful funeral!”

I have attended several funerals at which I have taken pictures with Orbs in them. In some of the photos, I can clearly see the face of the deceased loved one. However, to protect the privacy of the families involved, I shall not post any of those.

The photo to the left was taken from afar just to show that Spirit is present. The photo below left was at a memorial service of someone who was a musician and who loved the Beatle’s music. Look where the orb showed up!