One of the most remarkable things about orbs is that they can appear with faces inside them.  The faces look as if they have been sketched with a pencil with remarkable clarity and likeness.  These faces can be our loved ones who are in spirit letting us know they are still around us, or they can be our pets who have crossed.  When I photograph people at orb sessions I will ask their loved ones to be near by and they often will show up, not just as an orb but with a clear image of their face.  Also, because I take photos almost everyday and invite spirit in, I capture people I don’t recognize at the time.  Sometimes this happens because spirit knows I will be in contact with their loved on in the near future, or it’s just spirit taking advantage of an opportunity to be seen in our world.  But sometimes, I will capture well known people or celebrities as some of the photos below show.  I am still trying to understand exactly why John Lennon or Charlie Chaplain has appeared in an orb in my backyard!  You are able to click on each photo to enlarge the image.


This orb has an image of my brother, Craig.  He passed when he was 13 and I have put the last photo taken of him next to the orb so you can compare likenesses.


This photo of me on the right has an orb giving me a kiss but also one above my right shoulder.  When I zoomed in I could see a face, but I did not know who he was.  The very next morning the newspaper had an article and image about Chief Antonio, know as the protector of the land around my home.



The orbs are always the clearest on the back of my camera and I know this one is a little difficult to see but capturing James Dean in an orb is just too cool not to share!  Again, the orb on the left contains the pencil like drawing of his face and I have roughly outlined it on the right to help you tune in to the image.