page 17 photo 37b
A zoomed in picture of the orb in 37a. You can see my dog,Spirit with her head tilted towards the right, her mouth slightly open and smiling!
page 17 photo 37a
After asking my dog, Spirit to show me she was ok and happy after crossing.
page 16 photo 35c
A sample picture of orbs that appear near my dog, Shadow on a regular basis.
page 16 photo 35b
A sample picture of orbs that appear near my dog, Shadow on a regular basis.
page 16 photo 35a
A sample picture of orbs that appear near my dog, Shadow on a regular basis.
page 16 photo 34
Buck watching the orbs
page 16 photo 33
The orb party going on in the den
page 15 photo 32
The perfect Christmas Card.
page 15 photo 31
The bright green ‘Robbie’ orb at the barbecue and directly over one of his closest friends.
page 14 photo 30
What a beautiful energy surrounding the bride and groom
virginia rob 150x150
Virginia, Rob and our ˜boys’.
page 14 photo 28
The pink orb showing Rob some love and showing him that his son is right next to him.
page 13 photo 27
The greenish blue orb that appeared on Rob on Father’s Day
orb event5
The orb at the memorial service above the Beatles’ album. It looks like it is dancing.
page 12 photo 25
Here is a picture of Filip looking in the same direction.
page 12 photo 24b
A close up of the orb reveals Filip’s face right in the middle. I immediately saw his hair and beard.
page 12 photo 24a
The bright, beautiful orb appearing next to Kathleen, revealing the image of her late husband, Filip Coppens.
page 11 photo 23b
A close up of the orb shows a minstrel with dark, shoulder length hair, mustache and even the typical minstrel’s hat with a large feather.
page 11 photo 23a
A picture of the Minstrel’s Room in Chateau de Puivert. The orb is in the upper right corner.
page 11 photo 22
This is the picture of Ani with her Beloved. It is a little dark and grainy but if you are able to zoom in on the blue orb you can see the white eyes.
page 10 photo 21
Mona Lisa complete with purple orb right smack in the middle of the painting. I do see a face and I would like to think that it is di Vinci himself! Wouldn’t that be amazing?
page 10 photo 20b
Napoleon and "friends"
page 10 photo 20a
Inside the main dining hall of Napoleon’s apartment.
page 10 photo 19
The altar of Notre Dame Cathedral
page 9 photo 18b
To the right is a close up of the orb. If you look carefully you can see him looking towards the left and his long mustache and curly hair – traits he was known for.
page 9 photo 18a
Here is the actual coffin and resting place since 1661 of James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose. You can see his long mustache and long, curly hair clearly in the marble effigy.
page 9 photo 17
The feather in the tree after I asked my Guardian Angel to put my sign in a special place.
page 9 photo 16
Rob standing by the altar down in the crypt of Roslyn Chapel in Scotland.
page 8 photo 15b
Here is a copy of the brochure from almost the same angle as my photograph. Notice the bust in the foreground – it is all in one piece! I have no explanation for this anomaly.
page 8 photo 15a
The picture of the old Supreme Court Room in Washington, DC. The greenish orb is the bright spot on the right, but as I was putting this book together I noticed something very unusual. Look at the bust in the foreground. It is split, but nothing else in the room is like this. This is a reproduction from an actual photograph and it is a little grainy.
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