Episode 4

Are you a person looking for more magic in your life? Do you believe that a connection to the spirit realm is only for a select few? We are ALL capable, and even meant to have our own relationship and communication with the divine. We just need to look around with new eyes and unencumbered expectations and limitations. During this show, Nancy will take you along on her spiritual adventure of discovery, step by step, to show you what is possible, what awaits us and the magic that surrounds us now if we begin to use and focus with our spiritual eyes.

Nancy’s path began with orb photography but she soon discovered that there are many spheres of knowledge along a spiritual path to be discovered. Spiritual awareness is not one dimensional nor limited to one “specialty”. The many spheres of spirit overlap, intermingle, support, lead, educate, and enlighten us. If we care to expand our knowledge and personal experiences with faith of what can be, we will open up to the wonderful world we have always hoped for but thought was unattainable. During this show we will explore these spheres through casual and down-to-earth discussions of the everyday magic and wisdom of spirit that surrounds us.

During this episode you will learn about your divine team, including your guides, teachers, ascended masters, angels, archangels and even your higher self, who surround you and who are available to assist you during your time on Earth. Nancy will talk about the different ways available to you to help you connect with your team. How do we know these divine beings are really with us? Nancy will show you proof with some remarkable orb photos. Also, you will hear a special channeled message from Nancy’s guide, Leonini. There will also be an oracle card reading to help you all on your spiritual journey.

Nancy will carefully choose a few orb photos to be shared during her show and these photos will also be available on her website: http://www.theorbconnection.com

Nancy Myers

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This photo shows Nancy’s Guide, Charlie Chaplain with his dog as he appeared in an orb.
He is outlined on the orb photo on the right to help you orient your eyes

Nancy’s Guide, Lucky the Leprechaun made an appearance the same night she was told by a medium that he was one of her Guides. He is outlined on the left.

An orb with the image of Mother Mary. The iconic picture of Mary is compared to help you see her

Nancy’s Higher Guide or Higher Self, Leonini (Little Lion) appears over her head in ‘Angel Mist’ Look for the face of the lion facing to the left and notice that the mist is connected to Nancy’s crown

A very rare photo of Nancy’s Guardian Angel peeking over the wall in her backyard