What People are Saying About Their Experiences with  Nancy Myers and Orbs

  • rebecca_150x150From a scientific standpoint, Einstein demonstrated that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared (E=mc2). What this equation relates simply is that energy and matter is one and the same thing.  Matter is just a denser and slower form of energy. Energy may be transformed but it may not be destroyed.  This is the law of the conservation of energy.

    We are “spiritual beings” having a human experience and our souls are made up of light energy.  When we “die,” our bodies die, but our souls are eternal and move into the higher vibrational frequency of the afterlife.  And so, our bodies, our minds and egos die when our time on Earth is up, but our consciousness lives on eternally.

    Nancy Myers is able to capture this “light energy” of souls in the non-physical realms through her spirit photography.  She’s taken dozens of photos of spirits in my group readings over the years, providing further evidence that the spirits I communicate with as a spiritual medium are real and very much with and all around us.   She has a special talent for capturing these spirits for the human eye to see, reminding us that our energy is eternal and our prayers to our loved ones in spirit help to keep us connected to their soul presence.
    Rebecca Rosen, Spiritual medium and best selling  author of Spirited and Awaken the Spirit Within. ( www.rebeccarosen.com.)

  • rev_galgano_150x150Nancy Myers’ gift, which she shares with others, is unparalleled in my experience.   She has taken what seemed to all a tragedy and has transmuted it into joy. The Universe has blessed her with the unique gift of catching images of Spirit in the incredible orb presence images.  She brings comfort and sacred messages  to so many with messages  of immortality and love.
    The Rev. Hollis H. Galgano, Deacon Episcopal Church

  • virginia_rob_150x150Nancy is a highly enlightened soul who has  been given the gift of connecting to spirit  through her orb photographs.   Her readings are detailed and accurate and have been  able to bring comfort and hope to many in grief.
    Virginia Michelle Hummel, inspirational speaker, Chair of Orb Encounters Committee, Board member of Eternea.org, and author of Cracking the Grief Code. ( www.TheOrbWhisperer.com)

  • Sally_150x150I met Nancy through a mutual friend who had given her a copy of my book.   We exchanged emails for over a year and then we met face to face at the International Compassionate Friends Conference in July 2012.  I will never forget it. She brought her camera and took a picture of the corridor outside the conference rooms where healing workshops were being held.  There was nothing unusual about the shot.  Then she took a picture AFTER the workshops let out there were ORBS EVERYWHERE! Capturing orbs through photography is Nancy’s special gift.  Sally Grablick, author of The Reason Help and Hope for Those Who Grieve  

  • Through my experience, as well as personal belief, there are three key elements when embarking on a life path of service with Spirit:  Integrity, a child-like wonderment for it all, and a genuine desire to help.   Nancy not only lives and works with these in mind and soul, but she is truly a walking embodiment of them.  Her little spirit friends encircle her and her camera like moths to a flame.  And why not?  Spirit knows a true light worker when they see them.   She snapped a photo of me as I was closing down a channeling demonstration I gave awhile back.  And, lo and behold, solid evidence of my spiritual connection was right there hovering directly over me.  I will always cherish this photographic manifestation with heartfelt wonder.  I urge you to connect with Nancy today.  Once you experience her apparent spiritual law of attraction you will be comforted, amused, and left with your own sense of awe.”
    Charles A. Filius, channel, medium, psychic and author. ( www.ExtraLargeMedium.net)

  • Nancy’s angelic presence in our world is such a blessing.  She is an orb magnet and attracts them to her with such ease.  I have watched her on numerous occasions as she calls them in, and come they do.  Seems like old friends getting together, that is how strong her connection is with them, and it is beautiful to watch.  Orb photography and communication is Nancy’s special gift, which she happily shares with others.  You most likely won’t ever find her without her camera.  To experience this form of communication with Nancy is something I wish for you would be glad you did.Kim Funk, psychic medium ( www.kimfunk.com)