What and, if I might add, who, are these orbs and why are they appearing now?   This is slowly being revealed but first and foremost an orb is a sphere not flat of energy.     Where does this energy come from?   The energy is generated from many different dimension’s and sources but it can be the result of the release of our soul back to energy when our bodies die.   But orbs can also be our Guardian Angels, our pets, our Guides and even other divine entities.   I have captured each of these types of orbs at different times.

The orbs are appearing to us now because they can!   They love our technology and use it to their advantage to get their messages through.   Someone asked me once if I had a special orb camera.   I don’t think there is such a thing and I had to chuckle a little at that question.   I use an inexpensive, Nikon digital camera but I always leave my flash on as orb1the orbs use the energy from the flash to appear.   (You can read more about the scientific explanation of the orbs on my friends website: theorbwhisperer.com.)  I have used five different cameras over these past four years with the same result.  We are experiencing this new connection to the spirit world through orbs because the time is right for that to happen.  This is orchestrated and directed by spirit because we have come to a maturity, spiritually, where we can comprehend and embrace the messages, not run in fear from the new and so called unknown.

Here is what world renowned Harpist and Recording Artist, Author, Teacher and dear friend, Ani Williams has to say about orbs:

“My first experience with orbs and other plasma forms appearing in photographs occurred in 2003 in Roslin Chateau, next to the famous Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.   The form of what I believe to be the White Lady of Rosslyn appeared when I developed my 35mm film.   Legends abound of her presence singing around the chapel, chateau and leading pilgrims through the valley’s ancient sites.   Then next occurrence was at St. Nectin’s harp_250pxGlen, Cornwall England, where hundreds of orbs were dancing around the waterfall after I played my harp and sang.

Since those early years, orbs seem to appear in photographs when there is a special energy in nature , or during prayer; ritual or beautiful live music.   But I had never seen orbs like Nancy Myers captured on our pilgrimages to ancient sites in Scotland and France in 2012 and 2013.   She has captured what I believe to be the faces of our ancestors, faces of characters through time, appearing here and now, as if there is no linear time.

The appearance of orbs to some professional photographers is bothersome, as they believe they ruin an otherwise perfect shot.   But I believe they are messages from other dimensions.   And they seem to respond to the energy of the photographer, as well as the place and action in that place.

‘It’s all in the eye of the beholder’ feels an apt phrase to describe the photographic anomalies of Nancy Myers.   For those who have a conscious window opened to greater possibilities than our often limited physical perspective, this phenomenon is as natural as taking a stroll in nature…for those who have eyes to see.”
Ani Williams,   www.aniwilliams.com