Orb Sessions

Sessions can be scheduled in your home, office, or at a location that is special to you. The actual photo session will be conducted outside after sunset. A minimum of ten photographs will be taken featuring each individual participant.

Sessions typically last between one and two hours. Each session commences with a short introduction and a Question & Answer session.

This will be followed by a brief meditation designed to help participants release any tension and give them time to invite loved ones to be near.

Since Nancy and Carol are both Reiki Masters (energy healers), they can offer Reiki treatments to the head and shoulder area if desired to aid with relaxation.

A CD of all the photographs will be mailed to the event host within 48 hours.

Angel Card Readings

A Certified Angel Card Reader, Nancy uses Angel Oracle Cards in her private readings  which offer positive and loving messages from your Angels to help guide you, and to provide insights and possible answers to your questions.

Readings can be given in person, over the phone or on Skype.

Price Menu

Private Orb Session (1 to 2 people) $70.00/each
(Includes Angel Card Reading)

Group Orb Session  (3 to 5 people)  $50.00/each*

*Add Angel CardReading $20.00/each

Group Orb Session (6-10 people)  $45.00/each*
*Add Angel Card Reading $15.00/each

Individual Angel Card Reading (phone or Skype)  $25.00/reading

Note:   The Orb Connection is located in Southern California and there is an additional fee for travel beyond 25 miles. Please contact us for cost.