Lady Of The Light

“The Lady of the Light” is a name my husband uses to describe my work. 

I have been capturing and communicating with orbs since 2010 and I have built a strong relationship with them.  Usually, when someone takes my picture there will be an orb nearby. Why? I think because I know deep in my soul that they are always around me. In fact, they are always around you too; you just have to develop your own relationship with them.

Whenever the weather permits, you can find me outside in my backyard “working.” The orbs are always there waiting for me, and, I believe, excited to be seen. Sometimes I can see them with my eyes and sometimes I can just sense where they are. Other times, they sneak up on me. (I think they have a sense of humor.) Spirit is amazing and I am so very grateful that I am allowed to serve.

Here are some photos of me and my very special friends.

Double-clicking on any of the images below will open up a lightbox which will enable you to view larger versions of the photographs.