slider_800x350Raised in a traditional blue collar family in the Midwest, Nancy Myers always felt different from the rest of her family. A lifelong fascination with the spiritual gifts of communication that some people seem to possess, coupled with a deep inner knowing that there is more to life than making a living and raising a family, fueled a hunger to know more about life after death.

In January of 2010, Nancy and her family were devastated by the sudden and unexpected tragedy of her son Robbie’s untimely passing, just days before his 28th birthday, verifying an awful premonition Nancy had had years before that she would lose her son at the age of 27.

Following a series of vivid dreams, during which Robbie visited his mother and others,   Nancy sought answers and solace from two world-renowned mediums, Hollister Rand and Rebecca Rosen, both of whom reported that not only was Robbie endeavoring to communicate with his mother; but he was also adamant that he and his mother would soon start working together, using the phenomenon of Orbs, to bring comfort to the grieving and proof of “life after death” to the grieving.
that has not only resulted in the capture of thousands of orbs in photographs, but also led to her becoming a sought after Orb Medium, known for her uncanny ability to accurately interpret what she sees in many of the orbs she photographs around people.

Those messages, and the sudden appearance of orbs in Nancy’s photographs catapulted Nancy on a spiritual journey
Nancy’s son Robbie has told her through many afterlife communications that have taken place since, that orbs are here to unequivocally demonstrate that life continues even after the body dies. Hence, our loved ones never really leave us but are always just a thought away. Nancy’s purpose as an Orb Medium, and in telling her story in “Entering the Light Fantastic” and creating this website is to share this phenomenon in the hope that it will bring comfort to those in the grip of grief, and to perhaps awaken others to their own spiritual journeys as well.

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