nancy_myersThis website was created in 2012 after I was “told” that the orbs that had been appearing in my photographs since 2010 were meant to be shared to help those in grief. My son, Robbie, crossed over to the other side 2 days before his 28th birthday on January 19, 2010. Shortly after I started to notice orbs in my photos. I have always believed in life after life and that it is possible to receive signs and messages from our loved ones in spirit, so 6 months after my son’s crossing I booked a reading with renowned medium, Hollister Rand for me and my husband. She told us that our son was standing between us with orbs and light all around him and that this will be important, and don’t be surprised if I start getting orbs in my photos! Boy, she wasn’t kidding!!

The orbs started out slowly, a few at a time and faint, but I continued to take pictures everyday and soon they intensified in size, color, and appearance. I realized I could “talk” to them and they would respond by appearing in a certain spot in the photo. After thousands of photos I started noticing faces in the orbs and when I described the face to the sitter in the photo they would often confirm that it was indeed their loved one who they had asked to be next to them. Sometimes I am “imprinted” with a message from the orbs for the sitter.

Since starting my spiritual path to honor my son’s request of me, I have taken many mediumship workshops, started Yoga, practice Transcendental Meditation, became a Reiki Master and a Certified Angel Card Reader. I consider myself to be an Orb Medium but I am aware that my path has just begun and I still have a lot of learning ahead of me. My education, both from spirit and the classroom is ongoing and I eagerly apply myself to my work. This ability doesn’t come from me but through me and it is my intent to do this for the greater good.

*Photo of Nancy Myers with her Therapy Dog, Shadow (a virtual “Orb magnet”) and an Orb friend, taken by her husband, Rob.