carol_danforthCarol Danforth is my very dear friend and “Orb Associate”.   We started our Spiritual path together and her gift of orb photography and healing are quite remarkable.   Carol has been an RN for over 30 years and she works in the NICU at the hospital helping premature infants.   Her level of compassion for the sick is only exceeded by her connection to the Angelic realm.   Carol is a true “Earth Angel” and does this work selfishlessly.   Carol has also been studying and takings classes to fine tune her gifts and she has attained Reiki Master status and completed her certification in ReHuTek.   Carol truly makes Spirit bright!

The above picture of Carol is a self portrait she took while in Hawaii and is evidence of her healing ability.   Before taking this picture she asked the spirit energy of modern Reiki founders Dr. Usui and his student, Mrs. Takata to be with her for the photo.   OH MY!   Were they ever and this also serves as more proof that Spirit does hear us and responds to our requests and prayers!